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​RAFFLE!!!!!    ($20 A TICKET)

Tempo / IMP31 / IMP 34 / V37 / ENG 35 Bow package 

- Standard bow colors (plus 30 for OD colors, plus 20 for Kuiu colors)

- Black QAD HDX rest / Hamskea Hybrid / Ripchord ACE

- CBE SL-4 Sight

- Apex Covert 7" stab (camo or black)

- Apex Game Changer Quiver (camo or black)

- Vudu String Stop

- Two Color Freedom String

- Freedom Wrist Sling

- RADs Peep Sight

Offer applies to in-stock and standard colors only.  Price on bows may verry based  on custom order options. Price is for in-store pick up, ONLY!!!

- Brown Riser / Realtree LImbs / 70lb
- Realtree Riser / Realtree Limbs / 60lb
 -Kuiu Riser / Kui LImbs / 70lb